Saturday, October 3, 2015

Buddha's ears go down when he's forced to share his car space with bags for Goodwill.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Must do better. Must have things better arranged. Must know soup only will arrive on my doorstep if I hire someone to bring it. So I should find an Asian place that delivers soup and have the menu in the drawer. Hot pho soup with ginger and basil would have helped last week and this week I'm sure. Must have things better arranged. It was a nightmare drive home last night from work after a strange, hazy, dizzy work day. I used nebulizer in a conference room twice. I don't know what I accomplished by being at work yesterday. I think I uploaded something. I wasn't able to stop for groceries after work. When I got to 10th Street, I thought of taking the exit and stopping at Wild Orchid for pho takeout, but I wasn't sure I would be able to get home if I turned off anywhere first. I wasn't hungry when I got home anyway. I'm not hungry now.

I feel strange and feverish. I have to get dressed and go to work now. The dog is clingy. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Made it to work today. Unremarked by anyone so far. Mouth breathing. 101F is my temp. I brought my nebulizer in and will book a conference room to do it. 

I have 1,423 new emails in my work inbox. 

I should have brought in some food, I suppose. I didn't have any groceries at home all week, except for the last 2 eggs and a rusk, which I made for me on Thursday (?) and ended up giving to the dog. The cupboard and refrigerator were bare after that. I suppose I should have had soup on hand in case of emergencies, but who knew. 

Saturday, September 19, 2015

First meal in five days. Scrambled eggs on a Holland rusk. And then I couldn't eat it. Buddha enjoyed it all very much. He didn't want the tea. He's strictly a coffee or, occasionally, a chai tea dog. 

This was today's consolation prize to Buddha for no walks all week and today's walk which I had high hopes for but only managed to be a tiny stagger to the nearest Starbucks and back. He also got most of the chai tea. 

Thursday, September 17, 2015

I feel spacey and odd. I fell down the stairs. I will have a lot of bruises tomorrow, for sure. Thunder storms and lightning all night. The rain is continuing this morning. I have to nebulize often in order to breathe. The nebulizer is a little box and the motor is very loud. If the power goes out, I will have to drive somewhere to find somewhere to plug it in. I can't go to a coffee shop because the motor is so loud. Plus, me and my nebulizer mask is not good for business, I imagine. It occurred to me this morning that maybe I could go back to the lobby of the urgent care and see if they have an electrical outlet in the lobby. It's a big lobby that flows into other lobbies of the health system. The urgent care, I think, is only open until 9 p.m., but maybe the hospital in Woodbury has a lobby open later.

Of course, the power may not go out. It was the house on Sherwood that the power went out during almost every rain storm, and was not fixed for hours, sometimes days. It's only gone out once here -- tree on the lines -- and it was fixed in much less than an hour. Those complaints you hear about how response time to emergencies varies depending on the community? -- all true. I only moved from Sherwood Avenue on the East Side to Oakdale, just a few miles down 36, and it's a world of difference. It's not quite like being back in Woodbury, but it's close. If I needed to call the Oakdale police, it's nice to know that they would show up in a timely fashion.

If the power goes out, does my garage not open? Maybe I should put the car outside now in case I do need to go somewhere to nebulize. On the other hand, there may be hail. Wait, there is some way to open the garage manually. Some pull rope or something?

Someone has uploaded Julia Child's The French Chef to YouTube. Bless them. I can't hear her over the nebulizer motor, but I can watch her. It's so nice to watch a cooking show that is about showing how to cook something. I hate these cooking shows that are about someone cooking faster than competitors while swearing a lot and much drama. Even PBS's cooking shows are these type, minus the swearing. I only get PBS via the Roku device, so perhaps I don't know PBS's entire current line up. Maybe they still have quality cooking shows. Anyway, god bless Julia Child.

I haven't walked the dog since Monday night. I feel terrible about that.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Chest cold and allergies precipitated asthma crisis. Scared. Urgent care. Much nebulizing. Steroids. Using up all my vacation time from work. Can't walk the dog. This evening at 4 p.m., I realized that I hadn't eaten anything since Monday evening. Still haven't. Not hungry. Thirsty, though. Found some no sugar/no sweeteners seltzer in the fridge and it was like manna. Tomorrow, I will try to eat something. Maybe Sir Ian McKellen's stepmother Gladys' scrambled eggs.

Sight is blurry, but I'm re-reading a collection of Dora Saint/Miss Read bits and pieces that Laura sent me. Nothing like Miss Read.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

I've been listening to a lot of these podcasts when I wake up from the nightmares. There's an archive of years and years of them. Three historians and Melvyn Bragg talk about a specific topic in history, philosophy, literature, or science.