Sunday, January 25, 2015

My fever broke yesterday. I am here.

My fever broke yesterday. I am here. According to a letter from the urgent care I only have a hot and hazy memory of going to when I ran out of albuterol after hours, my test result was positive for honest-to-goodness influenza,"...which has been reported to state and local authorities." Fame at last.

I used up several days of timebank hours, which is a bummer for any future vacation plans. On the other hand, I had no choice. If I hadn't had the vacation hours to use, I'd have had to have gone without pay. I couldn't do a thing about it.  I hope I can catch up at work on Monday. 

Weird symptom: I had trouble seeing. It was like I had developed cataracts overnight. Fortunately, I'd just had my eye exam in December, so I knew I had no sign of cataracts. 

Texts and calls from Sayre in Tallahassee and texts and emails from Boud*** helped me feel less lonely during this last week. I only wish I had local friends and family. Unfortunately, when you have no one in your life on normal days, you have no one in your life when you have the flu. I really could have used some help on a couple of these past days. (I ran out of tea!) But that's something for me to fix. Here endeth the lesson.

Buddha was a trooper during this time of no walks. For such an active dog, he's a great sleeper and hot water bottle. My Belgian Begging Hound is the best dog in the whole world. 

***Today is Grow Your Blog Day. Please visit Boud's blog at to see her character dolls The Dollivers, who have fashion demands and are a rather pushy bunch. Also, art, cooking, knitting, and breathing life into plants other people have pretty much killed.)

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Friday, January 16, 2015

So much for the flu shot and all that hand washing

I am sick. I am pushing fluids and hoping for the best. Why do I catch everything that goes around? I have way more than my share of respiratory cruds and stomach viruses. I don't know why. Tonight I'm going to add a shot of Jameson's Irish to my Theraflu powder and boiling water and hope for some sleep.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Where you are in the lamp pecking order

I'm enjoying this novel There Must Be Some Mistake by Frederick Barthelme. The inside front cover copy mentions home owner associations and retired freelance graphic designer, and so I thought I'd give it a try. It's set in Florida. Intelligent. Some spot-on HOA characters: the president who likes to keep everyone informed so that he seems important, the wanna-be president who never gets the job, the gossip, the lone gay couple and their lawn ornaments. Unusual characters, too. There's a performance artist who is so like every performance artist I've ever met. One of the incidental characters visits the main character to complain about his life in almost stream of consciousness way. I laughed so hard when he said he had Walmart lamps and they work and everything but then you look at the lamps other people have and you realize where you are in the lamp pecking order. I know just what 
he means. I'm very low in the sofa pecking order and I don't even want you to know how low the stuff is that I'm supposed to hang on my walls and haven't got around to yet: HomeGoods floral pseudo-painted canvases. I think my couch was from Slumberland, which is better than Walmart at least. But then anything is. I knew a woman once who was feeling very low in the belongings in general pecking order. she said to me one day "I even got my cats on two for one day."