Monday, January 6, 2014


I'd really like to stay home today. Mr. Asthma doesn't like these temps, and nobody likes wind chills of -50F. But I don't dare call in or ask to work at home. It's such a vindictive place. I just don't feel secure enough and I don't want them to know about Mr. Asthma. Companies are so prejudiced against people with conditions. I wish I didn't feel so afraid all of the time. I remember when I didn't. But that's when I had friends and love ones. And a job where I felt valued. 

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Sayre said...

I checked last night and it said your low was going to be -22! REAL temperature. Unbelievable - how did you fare? I really, really hope that your workplace cancelled work today. I know that schools all over are cancelling due to the extreme cold - I just hope that business is following suit.

Stay warm, my friend.